Jun 20, 2013
Abortion supporters make ridiculous comments about HR 1797
The historic passage of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Tuesday didn’t transpire without some excellent remarks from pro-life Congresswomen—and, of course, some incredibly misleading statements from abortion supporters.  After opening...Read More
Dec 15, 2011
Obama Administration Interferes in Another Pro-Life State
Once again, the Obama administration is interfering with a state’s effort to defund Planned Parenthood. This past summer, the state of Texas applied for a renewal of federal funding for its Woman’s Health Program (WHP), which includes Medicaid family...Read More
May 24, 2011
Next Line in the Sand: Indiana, Obama & Planned Parenthood
“Nope. Zero.”President Obama's response to an inquiry about cutting funding to Planned Parenthood during budget debates earlier this year. This was a clear line in the sand. President Obama is an unapologetic supporter of Planned Parenthood, even in the...Read More
Jan 7, 2011
Meet President Obama's New Chief of Staff (Though You'll Wish You Hadn't)
President Barack Obama announced his new White House chief of staff yesterday, former commerce secretary William Daley. Daley comes from the Chicago machine that has produced many pro-abortion leaders, including Obama himself and Daley's predecessor,...Read More